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Thread: Rsync to CIFS share causing remote machine crash.

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    Rsync to CIFS share causing remote machine crash.


    I have a script set up at work to rsync my work directory on my Ubuntu laptop to my work Windows desktop, which is connected to the laptop via a CIFS share.

    Lately, it will get about halfway through the rsync before the Windows machine blue screens and crashes. I'm not sure if this is an issue with Linux/Rsync or Windows, so I'm trying to solve at least one half of it.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    rsync -auvh --exclude 'HY-MA-MI' work/ /media/work
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    Re: Rsync to CIFS share causing remote machine crash.

    Windows Blue Screen? Yes I've seen it several times. Try rsyncing to an Ubuntu desktop or to Ubuntu One on the net.

    Check your log files in /var/log. Check for weird file names for any files created in the last week. Use the --stats switch, and there may be other switches to increase the verbosity of rsync so you can pinpoint where it is failing.
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