As I have the same problem as this guy: I will add more info and hopefully someone know what do to.

What I mainly need is -something- that can use specifically axis values to assign to any free keys (like F22 or whatever).

The G-buttons, and the Profile-changer (Aivia button) show different axis values.

Axis 6/7 (terminal/kde) reports (G-buttons):

Axis 9/10 (terminal/kde) reports (Aivia/profile-button (each press activate new profile, described P as "pressnumber")):

I tried several hours, actually an entire night trying to figure out if there is any ways to assign specifically like this:

Other than that, I can't get Num Lock to toggle the light when pushing the button. But chaning the Num Lock startup in KDE settings to on/off toggles the light and the numpad. Else the buttons always work, just light is not toggling when pushing them.

And if I ever fixes G-buttons, does it exists any macrokeybind software for linux?