I just tried to unistall Logitech Media Server since I had some problems while scanning my music library. Removal of the program (using synaptic) resulted in an error saying something like that all packages coudn't be removed. When I then try to reinstall (with synaptic also) the package I get an error message saying the following (translated from the original swedish typed error message):

"The following package has not solvable dependencies. Make sure that all necessary inventories are added and activated in the settings.
The package has no accessible version but it exist in the database. This means that the package is being mentioned in a dependency but it has never been sent, it has been obsolete, or that it is not accesible with aid from the context in soures.list"

I'm afraid I didn't make sure to check that the program was properly shut down before I started uninstallation process, since the program is always running in the background. Might this have caused the problem?

If not already understood, I'm a beginner in the Ubuntu world, and I have no idea how to act in order to solve this. All ideas how to solve this are gratefully recieved!