Well I'm making a script/program in python, in ubuntu, I have python 2.7.3. And I wanted to send my script to a friend that has windows, but not python installed, so I needed to find a way to convert .py files to .exe. So I looked up in google and found PyInstaller. I downloaded the compressed file and extracted the folder, run the command "python pyinstaller.py myfile.py" But it doesn't work, I tried a bunch of ways more but didn't work. Then I googled more and found out that it was recommended to have python 2.5 in order to use PyInstaller, so here's my question: Is there a version of PyInstaller for Python 2.7.3 ? or is there another program that I can run natively here in ubuntu? I also found a program called py2exe but it's for windows, and I don't want to reboot into windows just to convert to exe every time, so please help? Thank you in advance.
P.S. Sorry for my bad english