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Thread: dual boot windows 8/ Ubuntu boot problem

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    Re: dual boot windows 8/ Ubuntu boot problem


    Thanks very much for sharing your experience.
    I went through the same steps but did not see light at the end of the tunnel!

    Anyway I have logged my experience as I went through this, you can find it at :

    Hoping to get more inputs from the community...


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    Re: dual boot windows 8/ Ubuntu boot problem

    Did you get answer from Fujitsu? Have a Laptop and cant disable "Secure Boot". So when trying to boot "Ubuntu" (#1 bootmenu) I get the "Access Denied" msg.

    EDIT: Managed to disable the Secure Boot option in BIOS (UEFI).. Had to set "Supervisor password" first..

    Disabeled it and now it boots directly to Ubuntu..
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    Re: dual boot windows 8/ Ubuntu boot problem

    Microsoft has required vendors to enable turning off secure boot if you have hardware access to system. But only some still will boot Windows 8 with secure boot off.
    Ubuntu has the Microsoft key and you can install with the signed versions of grub & kernels to boot with secure boot on.
    And a few vendors have modified UEFI (against UEFI standard) to only boot the Windows efi file. But Boot-Repair automates a renaming function to make system think it is booting the Windows efi file, but really boots grub2's shim file that has the Microsoft key. Then from grub menu you boot Windows.
    For info on UEFI boot install & repair:
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