I have installed Ubuntu 12.10 on a solid state disk on my desktop computer.
I know SSDs need periodic maintenance to keep their performance up to their full capability, since I ported Windows 7 to an SSD I installed in my laptop and I use the Intel utility to keep the drive cleaned/trimmed/happy or whatever you call it.
I tried to find out how to do this for my Ubuntu drive but frankly I am not sufficiently experienced in programming to understand and implement the fixes suggested in the forums. I know that the respondents think their answers are helpful but they're just too far above my user level to help.
If Ubuntu wants to appeal to a larger user community, I think this will become a problem area in the future. I always recommend Ubuntu to my friends but I really don't want to have to add a 'but it's not really easy to use it with an SSD'.
Can't we develop an SSD cleanup/tuneup utility program that could be downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Center and used by those of us with low levels of technical expertise? Sure would be helpful to me.