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Thread: Driver for hd 3200 on 12.10

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    Driver for hd 3200 on 12.10

    Hello, im a total nub in this linux stuff, wanted to install ubuntu on my old laptop becuase it was kinda slow on windows 7
    but i just cant install the driver for my gpu, hd 3200
    when i try to install the one from adm, it says one or two tools required or something like that
    so can any one plz help the extreme ubuntu nub

    also im taking a linux class in spring and ill need one of my laptops to run linux

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    Re: Driver for hd 3200 on 12.10

    The only working driver for the HD3200 under 12.10 is the open source already installed, it's built into the kernel.

    ATI dropped support for all of the 2/3/4xxx series over the summer, and no longer write their own drivers for them.

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    Re: Driver for hd 3200 on 12.10

    Are there any drivers listed for your card in Software Sources > Additional Drivers ? I am not clear on how you are trying to install the driver.
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