From what I read, I should have a default PXE bootup called maas-enlist. Please correct me if I am wrong. My intent is to have a MAAS server running, and having a subnet which when I boot pxe, it enlists the nodes automatically. I have been able to get PXE on the node to boot up from the MAAS server, but I do not see the maas-enlist in the options. Default is (local).

Since this is my first time doing this, I don't know exactly what I'm looking for. I see docs online, but it's hard to tell if what I am looking at is for 12.10 or 12.04, since there appears to be significant changes between those versions.

Here are the steps I have taken:

1. Fresh install of MAAS server from media.
2. First boot
3. Configured second network adaptor for static ip.
4. dpkg-reconfigure maas to use the second adaptor.
5. maas createsuperuser
6. apt-get install maas-dhcp maas-enlist # not sure maas-enlist is necessary
7. maas-import-iso-files

No errors in any of the above steps. I can access the maas dashboard, and see 0 nodes.

I plug in a second computer on the subnet (set to pxe boot) and it says "MAAS Ubuntu" on top and shows a list...

All of which I see in /var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default

If I select maas-precise-i386, it will go through an install. Eventually I get an error. But while researching this, I found that I should see "maas-enlist" as a default, not local so I'm thinking something is wrong?