Hello there! I've decided to try Ubuntu - made a bootable USB and played with it for a while. Got to admit I love it! The default desktop is great (the only small criticism so far is "locked"/non-customizable app bar , but I can understand that).
Getting back to Windows is a pain, feels wrong in a way . I can't abandon Win completely due to applications I have to work with(fe cad apps) and hardware (for example brother label printer) , but for daily workshop use for me and the rest of the team I'd like to set up Ubuntu on our computers.
This will be a good option when Webb Apps feature will start working correctly. I've found out currently there are issues with it (I was able to make some of them work , through Synaptic reinstall and update, but some , like Gmail are still broken).

But where can I get the info that those are fixed? Browsing several sites would take too much time. Is there some sort of newsblog etc I could track? I know for most of you this may sound silly - but heck, for absolute begginner as me all the Ubuntu (and not only Ubuntu, but Linux in general) resources seems really spread out.

Also can anyone can you recommend a website for a begginner? For example I'd like to have a working copy on USB (not installer style, which forces me to reinstall, resetup everything after each boot) so I could play and tweak the things without affecting my hdd.