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Thread: Full disk encryption with manual partitioning and no LVM

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    Full disk encryption with manual partitioning and no LVM

    Hello there, it seems I have a problem thats related to the discontinuation of the alternate cds.
    A few years back I installed ubuntu from the alternace cd onto a harddrive that looked like this:
    sda1 windows boot
    sda2 windows
    sda3 /boot
    rest is all physical volumes for encryption
    sda5 /
    sda6 swap
    sda7 /home

    I reinstalled windows, and now i want to reinstall ubuntu ontop of the old partitions.
    However it wont let me.

    I get several errors,
    First it complains about the unencrypted swap space
    and then it complains about a missing root directory, however I can either select a filesystem and a mountpoint (as in sda3 - ext4 - /boot), OR a physical volume for encryption. However I should be able to select both (as in sda5 - physical volume for encryption - ext4 - /).
    How does one go about doing that? There are no options and I cannot advance because it wont let me due to an unassigned root partition
    I found a post mentioning something like this:
    sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda6 crypt1
    which seems to work, but I do not know where to go from there, since the installer seems unaffected

    If I simplz click on the encrypted drives and enter the password something happens (XGB encrypted drive chances to the name I assigned it the last time I installed) but I dunno how to mount them

    Anybody else experiencing something similar or am I the only one using this feature?
    Any help appreciated, thanks

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    Re: Full disk encryption with manual partitioning and no LVM

    I forgot to add that I do not have the option to install ubuntu alongside windows, only the "other"-option, probably due to the fact that all the space is already assigned.
    Will changing this help me?
    I don't want to repartition if it afterwards turns out to be a useless move


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