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Thread: Screen resolution

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    Screen resolution


    I have installed ubuntu 12.04 lts. I seem to have an issue with the screen resolution, in that it is too big, resulting in me not being able to see the login. I have googled this and seen solutions however as I am not technically minding I don't quite understand what to do. The instructions have been in computer commands. Just to add though I could not see all the login I was able to see enough to know I had to input my login details, however this morning as soon as I press the login it logs in to guest. ( Hope that makes sense)

    Anyhow I have a RADEON X600/X550 series. It is setup to dual boot (windows XP professional - failed WGA).

    I did have used Linux mint last year but that was on a different computer.

    Anyway, can you please advise in as simplified terms as possible as really I am a beginner and not at all technically minded.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Re: Screen resolution

    Not the permanent solution your looking for but:

    ctrl + + (plus sign) will increase font
    ctrl + - (minus sign will decrease font

    repeat above as desired.


    ctrl and moving scroll wheel forward increase font
    ctrl and moving scroll wheel backward decrease font


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    Re: Screen resolution

    VivNelson; Hi !

    Try this to get an appropriate driver;
    From the desk top bring up a Command Line Interface (terminal): press control+alt+t key combination.
    In this terminal activate Additional Drivers utility:
    install the recommended driver.
    Reboot to see the result:
    sudo shutdown -h now
    The use of "sudo" requires your password, will get no response to the screen (security reasons).
    just try'n to help <== BDQ


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