I have the following router


Currently working with stock firmware.

I was looking at DD-WRT here



and also looking at various PC based Firewalls like these



I have a spare laptop I can use to run the PC based Firewall OS of my choice.

Network will have the following on it.

•2 Ubuntu 12.10 Laptops
•1 Windows 7 Laptop
•1 More laptop with undecided OS to serve as a file server.
•Phillips TV with Internet access (think Netflix) and a USB Port
•Netbook that will only connect to the home network locally to upload notes and download lowres video to view offline.
•PSP that I very occasionally use to access my home network.
•Kindle Fire HD

I would like to have the following functionality from my network.

•file server for sharing movies, music, etc.
•Reasonably tight firewall protection.
•Web based configurability of the firewall(pretty standard)
•Incoming SSH/VPN/VNC access ( I want to be able to access the file server while away from home as well as the desktop of my laptops). Will mostly happen with above mentioned Netbook and sometimes the PSP.

My ultimate question is

Should I go with DD-WRT? Or Smoothwall or other PC Based firewall solution? Both? Neither?