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Thread: Booting up

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    Exclamation Booting up

    Hi folks,
    Today, I started up my PC, as always. And pretty much out of nowhere, I got a bootloop. As matter of fact, I have been hackintoshing, so I booted my computer with iBoot and GParted, and it seems to be that my BURG/boot-part-of-my-disk is corrupt: for some reason, it setted my OSX partition as active, which is currently out of order, and when I tried to start my Ubuntu using VMWare Workstation (by directly starting the partition), it gave a fatal error in the CPU and restarted. This is probably what happened when I tried to start my PC.
    Problem is now that I can't fix my BURG as long as my Ubuntu won't start, and I don't know what to do right now. Any suggestions?
    PS. My partition list:

    1. OEM partition from Windows 7 containing the MBR(how can I get rid of it?)
    2. Windows 7
    3. A NTFS data partition, used by my parents as a backup for stuff...
    4. Extended Partition:
    4a. Mac OS X 10.7
    4b. Linux Ubuntu x64 (containing BURG)
    4c. A FAT32 partition to exchange files between systems
    4d. Swap

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    Re: Booting up

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