Hi, I searched for hours on other threads b4 posting my question here. here it is - i installed ubuntu 12.04 along side XP. I can not see Enable Wireless option in networks button (top right) . i checked for solutions for hard/soft block with "rfkill list all", this is what i get " hp - wifi: hard blocked no ,soft blocked no". I checked for additional drivers and found broadComm STA for BCM43xx.( my wireless card is BroadComm BCM4311, found using "lshw -C network"). Activated the driver. But the 'configuration' for this device in 'lshw -C network' shows no driver. i restarted the system again and again. One interesting thing - when i remove the driver I get 'Enable wireless' as a disabled option along with (firmware not found), but when I activate the driver I get option whatsoever for wireless connections