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Thread: Ubuntu 12.04LTS and Lotus Notes 8.5

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    Re: Ubuntu 12.04LTS and Lotus Notes 8.5

    Well, if you were a Unix guy, then you would recognize Motif Widgets. It looks like you are missing a package called libmotif3.

    tgalati4@Dell600m-mint14 ~ $ apt-cache search libmotif
    libmotif-dev - Open Motif - development files
    libmotif4 - Open Motif - shared libraries
    libmotif4-dbg - Open Motif - shared libraries

    It looks like the default Ubuntu distribution only has libmotif4.

    So, adding another log to the fire:

    1. Modify build scripts to point to libmotif4 and hope it works. ln -s libmotif3 libmotif4

    2. Compile libmotif3 in a current Ubuntu build environment. "Open Motif" should have source code available somewhere.

    3. Find precompiled binaries (*.deb) of libmotif3 from someone else who faced a similar problem.

    4. Find libmotif3 on an older version of Ubuntu and build that workstation to use for development. I know Jaunty has it.

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    Re: Ubuntu 12.04LTS and Lotus Notes 8.5

    Okay, so I finally got around to installing a sacrificial Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit box.

    Install goes great, no problems, and in fact it populates in Application lens. It opened a terminal and prompted for the usual agreement which I accepted. Now nothing happens.

    I really wish IBM would make more Ubuntu friendly software! Valves doing it.
    (I've waited five years to say that)

    @tgalati4 I love sitting by the fireplace too...when it's on Next up I'll try what you posted on the libmotif3 package. Thanks for your continued help!

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    Re: Ubuntu 12.04LTS and Lotus Notes 8.5

    Tried my level best for each of the solutions you suggested for a 64 bit system to no avail.

    The timing of this problem couldn't be worse, just spent a while playing with Fedora 18. While I've never had a problem using Lotus in Fedora (with a little tweaking). The installer alone of Fedora 18 is practically unusable. A total switch to Ubuntu at this point seems imminent.

    Would there be a way to package libmotif3.deb WITH the lotus.deb?

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    Re: Ubuntu 12.04LTS and Lotus Notes 8.5

    Just installed Notes 9 on Ubuntu 64 without problems.
    Installing it completely with no errors in the operating system

    For reading on how to

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