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Thread: Passwd issues

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    Passwd issues

    Hey Everybody,
    I'm new to this community and I'm so exited about Ubuntu!!!

    I installed for the fisrt time an Ubuntu desktop on my computer and I'm having a little problem.

    It seems like is not recognizing my passwd for authentication on installing new software

    is there a way to reset the passwd ?

    I tryed to look into ect/shadow to double check that my passwd was correct ( you know most of the time the error is from the user!!! ) but I couldn't open the shadow file... it seems like it's a binary file!!!!

    is there a way I can fix this ?

    a little background of what happened :
    I installed Ubuntu from the Windows installer, everything went well, I choose username and passwd and the installation went well.
    After I loged in in Ubuntu, I installed a couple of app (gnome mail for gmail!!) and on the installation it asked the password. I entered the passwd and the installation went well.
    Then I went to change my user settins, choosing to not have a password for my administratoor account, and after I made this choice I can't install any software ( the error is that the passwd is not correct)
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    Re: Passwd issues

    Hello and welcome

    See this tutorial for resetting the primary user password

    Please don't mess with the /etc/shadow file - it's not binary, but ordinary users don't have read permissions (for good reasons!)

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    Re: Passwd issues

    When you're installing software from the command line, it is normal for your password to not be shown on the screen: just type it in as usual.
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    Re: Passwd issues

    Hey guys,

    thanks a lot it worked I really appreciate it !!!!


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