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Thread: Customize your Grub2 screen

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    Customize your Grub2 screen

    If any one is interested, I customized my Raring Grub2 with the green wiki link in my signature.
    Here is what it looks like and it would not be so cluttered if there weren't 8 systems on my box.

    This is with color_normal=white/black
    and color_highlight=yellow/black.

    It involves using CLI to modify 2-3 files and copying a picture to /boot/grub/
    It gives you a background of your choice, colored highlight and normal fonts as well as a menu that
    never needs changed even when new kernels are installed
    The only time you would need to change it is when you delete an OS or add one.

    Background pictures can be swapped out easily. The color of that picture may require changing the font colors.

    Here is a link to the thread:
    How to have a custom Grub2 menu that is maintenance free

    Here is what my Raring Ringtail 13.04 screen with Gnome Classic looks like:

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