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Thread: rTorrent Makes Server Cripplingly Slow

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    rTorrent Makes Server Cripplingly Slow

    I've set up my home desktop to run as a VNC/FTP server using tightvnc and filezilla for torrents on Windows XP and everything was super fast and worked great but I wanted to switch everything to linux

    Installed Mint 14 (I know not ubuntu but I like this forum and it's debian based anyway) desktop and made it a SSH/FTP box instead. Used sshd and ftpd. Those work pretty well. I've been trying to find a good CLI torrent interface and finally went with rTorrent for it's easy use with magnet files. But it causes major problems.

    When I start up rTorrent (or even transmission), it CRIPPLES network connectivity. I makes ftp connection time out and ssh connections have like 5 second lag. I've run top and it's only using like 2% of the CPU and it's got plenty of RAM left. It's not even close to maxing out the wireless G 54Mb/s card downloading at like 100kB/s. What is wrong with this??

    Also anyone want to tell me why the logins for FTP and SSH have a log lag during the login? Everything after the login is smooth but it's just odd that there's a long delay after username and after password inputs.

    EDIT: I actually tried pinging a few other computer on the network and when this computer torrents, it slows everything. Some computer even become unreachable.
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