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Thread: adding new domains to BIND

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    adding new domains to BIND

    I have a DNS chache/primary server running on my network, it seems to work fine, I can type in its name into my browser and it points to its own apache server, but I want to add another domain for another apache server on the network. (Ultimately I want to achieve virtual hosting on this second machine as well).

    It isn't clear how I add more domains from all the material I've found on the internet, does it need its own zone or not for eg. How can I add another domain and IP to the servers records?

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    Re: adding new domains to BIND

    Yes, you will need another zone file, and a "zone" declaration in named.conf that points to the zone file.

    zone "" IN {
         type master;
         file "";
    Make sure you have all the required semicolons; named is very picky about that.
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