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Thread: Searching for a good window manager.

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    Searching for a good window manager.

    I'm looking for a light weight window manager which uses opengl for compositing and has the ability to do tiling. I have tried nearly every window manager I have heard of but I've only found a few that satisfy my needs. So far the only ones that meet this criteria are Mutter, KWin, and Compiz. Additionally, I was able to use Xfwm4 along side the cairo compositing manager to also meet my needs.

    All around the best option seems to be Mutter at the moment even though it is extremely buggy and has no GUI to modify settings. With this said I'm in the market for a new window manager and I was wondering if anyone here had any good suggestions?

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    Re: Searching for a good window manager.

    You may want to check out E17 , but a distro that uses it as a stand alone would be a good choice. It has compositing and tiling and is the fastest Linux desktop I have used including LXDE.
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