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Thread: Mystified? excuse the pun, no Sound from HD channels

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    Re: Mystified? excuse the pun, no Sound from HD channels

    Thanks for the very informative post, I knew none of that. Going to go so far as to print this out and mess around with the settings. Sadly until I sort out the picture size (Overscan, I think?) Some of the options are hidden. Should not complain, was using .23 on 4 tv's without an issue for quite a few years.
    Thanks again Bicyclerboy.

    Regards Paul
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    Re: Mystified? excuse the pun, no Sound from HD channels

    If you have overscan issues & just need to see all the buttons & tickboxes can start mythfrontend with:
    mythfrontend --geometry 1440x900
    launch on 2nd X display:
    mythfrontend -display :0.1 --geometry 1440x900

    The FE has a setting that allows GUI & video playback to be diff video modes or diff size (great for old CRTs).

    With DFP TVs the ideal setup is direct pixel mapping.

    The nVidia driver release from 310 (?) has temporarily removed the GUI overscan compensation gadget form nvidia-settings.
    You have to use viewportin viewportout..
    Does this help?

    The GUI interface is planned to have this feature returned..
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