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Thread: a few words about software

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    a few words about software

    this week marks my 3d month with my main 'puter being Ubuntu

    thus far I've observed software is pretty easy to deal with on Ubuntu . the software I've needed has either been pre-installed or available from the Ubuntu Software Center -- which comes with the Ubuntu system . this is vital in our fight against hacking


    • Firefox
    • Thunderbird
    • LibreOffice
    • GPG
    • gedit
    • gimp
    • doc viewer ( for pdf -- no need for adobe -- yea )

    Added from Software Center

    • Audacity
    • Audacious
    • Gwenview
    • KolourPaint
    • Simple Scan
    • Bluefish
    • Krusader
    • Screenshot
    • Clipit

    generally it has not been necessary to adjust the system from Command Line using TERMINAL

    we do have some rough spots:

    • local file sharing ( work groups ) (awful close to unusable)
    • LibreOffice : needs to correct .docx and .xlsx formats so they are accepted by Windows users . this is a critical need, particularly for students who may need to save every $$ they can when schools may demand word format or excel format -- when they should be asking for .pdf
    • better diagnostics from the wireless dialog
    • more info on AppArmor particularly as applied to programs that like to access the net: Firefox, Thunderbird, music

    anytime we have to go to TERMINAL there is trouble and this seems to be from

    • the multiple flavors of Linux
    • multiple versions of each flavor

    it's important to have documentation for the flavor/version that we are working with

    anyway these are just notes from a windows refugee who is NOT going back. I feel as though I'm in control of my 'nix box. i knew i was not in control of Windows ( thanks to a monitor called WinPatrol ) .
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    Re: a few words about software

    Interesting post , thanks.


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