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Thread: Laptops, Ultrabooks and Netbooks

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    Post Laptops, Ultrabooks and Netbooks

    What is different betweens Laptops, Ultrabooks and Netbooks???.Actually I am Confused about these terms.if possible please help me with details.
    Thank You.

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    Re: Laptops, Ultrabooks and Netbooks

    A net book is small in size, light on processing power, and generally does not come with a disk drive. they are made that way so they can be cheap and affordable.

    An ultra book is a normal sized laptop, but a lot thinner, has a solid state hard drive, and a nice fast, low power processor that wont kill your battery. Due to being so thin they dont have disk drives, and a lot of them also dont have ethernet ports because of that reason. Being so awesome, they are pretty expensive.

    A laptop is normal sized, will have a disk drive, and an ethernet port. With the processors ranging from slow, to fast, and prices ranging from low, to high.
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    Re: Laptops, Ultrabooks and Netbooks

    It's probably worth mentioning that "Ultrabook" is a trademark owned by Intel, so only a machine with an Intel processor can be named an "Ultrabook"...
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