Hi I've had Ubuntu for a few years now, had reinstalled several times and tried different distros always comming back to Ubuntu for the easy and ready to use features. However I try to learn when I can, so I got GUFW and improved security/privacy on Firefox (addblock, noscript, private browsing, better privacy, user agent, startpage search, etc).
Recently I heard about proxy, but I'm not computer savy, and I gave up learning since I'm not running a server, it's just for my personal use; however I looked it up and it isn't as complicated as I thought. It seems that the best option is TOR but since it doesn't work with flash (youtube) it's better to use TAILS from usb, which is still downloading at the moment. I also downloaded MacChanger and it spoofs my ID.
I have to make clear that I'm not paranoid about my sensitive data or run server or need it for a company, nor do I intend to misuse it for unethical means, but I find it very exciting I can learn more about internet networking and security while at the same time getting more privacy.
My question is that if I run TAILS from USB, does it come with TOR Bundle? And also how do run Macchanger from USB, this in case I wanna use the 3 applications from anywhere (library, coffee shop, etc).
And finally, would running those 3 apps be enough to condense all about privacy? Just run them from USB?
Thanks a lot, this issue is very stimulating and exciting.