After many years since using 7 or 8 what ever it was version I last used I decided to give ubuntu another try. Looks great. Big improvement since last used. More user friendly and auto install stuff with software center. I mean no more compiling and opening terminal every 5 seconds.

Don't get me wrong I love my new upgrade to *cough* windows 8 *cough*. But going to my sisters for thanksgiving I didn't want travel with the huge 15.6” laptop (especially at the airport). So I got a used lenovo ideapad s9 off ebay for 35 dollars. 1Gb ram included. And I Added 500 gb hard drive.

Works great. But 1 issue. Actually bluetooth doesn't work. But I don't need it. Anyhow in software center I installed “kinfo center”. It says installed. But I don't see it anywhere.

And also is 40 degrees celcius to hot for “/dev/sda”/ I believe it is a “wd500bevt”. But it is 500gb and 2.5” sata and western digital for sure.