First, I will relay my story, and then ask the question:
I am a Ubuntu user, and I am active in reporting bugs, some beta testing, etc. I've started reading the Debian packing documentation and it is immense. I am particularly interested in music making/recording programs and have grown very fond of LMMS. A few release cycles ago, the program stopped showing up in the USC under the Audio/Video section, and it also fails to show up in the dash and other menus because it has no lmms.desktop file. This has been reported in launchpad, and there is no active maintainer for the project. So I began digging around and e-mailing everyone I could, and suddenly I was made the package maintainer by the person who it was defaulted to previously.

I need HELP. I simply wanted the bugs to be fixed, and now here I am in charge of fixing them, and I don't know where to go from here. Links are helpful. People that I can e-mail are helpful. Anything to get me going in the right direction will greatly help.