Hi everyone,

I'm running Mythbuntu 12.04, kernel version 3.2.0-32, and I am trying to get the IRBlaster working on my Hauppauge HVR-2250. I installed LIRC from the Mythbuntu Software Center and I deduced that I need to load the lirc_zilog module.... I followed the instructions located here:


As that post states, the lirc-modules-source package is not available for 12.04, so I took the lirc_zilog.ko from my staging directory (/lib/modules/3.2.0-32-generic/kernel/drivers/staging/media/lirc) and placed it in here:

When I try to modprobe lirc_zilog I get
[ 1419.291447] lirc_zilog: disagrees about version of symbol lirc_register_driver
[ 1419.291458] lirc_zilog: Unknown symbol lirc_register_driver (err -22)

I'd like some help in resolving this conflict.

I also tried doing what the post suggests and downloading the .deb file and extracting the lirc_zilog.ko file, but it has the same results.

I was using analog cable only but now that my provider is forcing everyone to use a STB, my getting this blaster working is essential in me being able to use my new MythTV setup. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated! I also posted this in IRC earlier but there weren't really any responses. Thanks.