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Thread: Sony VAIO E Series Windows 8/Ubuntu 12.10 Dual Boot, EFI help

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    Re: Sony VAIO E Series Windows 8/Ubuntu 12.10 Dual Boot, EFI help

    Hi, I finally got it fixed, but it was very short-lived..
    First of all, boot-repair does not work for me. What I did was to follow this
    and this

    and suggestions in both threads work. When I do the suggested changes, update-grub and reboot, I am welcomed by the GRUB screen and the Windows 8 entry I added is listed, and BOOTABLE. However after going into Windows successfully and then again rebooting, I cannot re-use the Windows 8 Grub menu item because it throws an error.

    When I boot back into Ubuntu from Grub, I looks like ALL CHANGES I HAVE DONE are gone in /EFI/Boot and /EFI/Microsoft/Boot. Even the .efi_BK backup files are gone. They are simply deleted. Now I cannot undo everything I did and login to Windows because every file I created is basically wiped out. I have no clue why and at this stage Google does not help. EDIT:When I replaced bootx64.efi and bootmgfw.efi from the recovery partition to /EFI/Boot and /EFI/Microsoft/Boot, grub menu disappeared and now I can login to Win. I think I'll return this computer.

    Can somebody tell me how to prevent Win 8 (or maybe it's Sony Insyde) from resetting my changes in /EFI/Boot & /EFI/Microsoft/Boot?
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