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Thread: Ubuntu 12.04.1(64bit) Freezes

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    Ubuntu 12.04.1(64bit) Freezes

    I am having an issue with Ubuntu 12.04.1(64/32 bit). Some peoples said it maybe problem of x-manager or other applications related UNITY or Gnome so i removed most of them such as Compize and installed KDE + . Let me explain the issue,

    What i use most of time :
    1. Vmware Workstation.
    2. Firefox.
    3. Konqueror.
    4. Konsole.

    But Ubuntu is getting freezes when my Laptop is turn on for more than 12-24 hours. First it happened on 32 bit. So I installed 64 bit but again freeze after 12-24 hours. Some peoples recommended to install Newest kernel So i installed Kernel 3.4(the deb package from Ubuntu Kernel) and tested again , But The UBUNTU still same. I did not able to take any Screenshot myself but some posted the same issue(Perhaps) , The screen Shot: , And the Post:

    I can't click on K menu, All applications gets ugly.

    The Freezes happen suddenly if it is running for more than 12-24 hours and 4 applications above. there is no any weird logs on Kernel or syslog. I don't know where the bug/issue is. But i tried my best to make a little stable :
    1. Installed other kwine with KDE GDE.
    2. Installed Kernel 3.4 .

    I really need to work for long time, sometime my Laptop should be idle for week even month since it will do some automated things for me. I also installed the bumblebee but i did not test after installing this software.

    My Hardware Information:

    I am using DELL XPS L502x. Processor core i7 2.20, Ram is 8GB, It is Optimus. dmesg: and lspci: & lspci -vvnn:

    I don't know what i should do now since i love Ubuntu. I am confused . Is there any way to solve this or won't fix?

    Thanks everybody!
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    Re: Ubuntu 12.04.1(64bit) Freezes

    I don't understand a lot of what the original poster said, but my system suffers freezes more regularly than that.

    Copied from

    OS: 12.10 32 bit
    Laptop: Asus B53J
    Processor: Intel I5
    Graphics card: ATK, I think.

    System freezes every time I use it.


    - Sometimes I can move the mouse, sometimes I can't.
    - It happens randomly, even while browsing the internet.
    - It can be a few hours after I start it up, or sooner.
    - It happens invariably if I try to load music to a music player through Rhythm Box


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