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Thread: Help with devolping a new distro.

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    Help with devolping a new distro.

    Hello all,

    I need people with the skills to help me develop a new linux distro.

    The goal is to make a distro that looks like and behaves as close to Xbox 360 os as possible.
    It will be compatible with most computers made by Dell and Apple because i know that there is a comparability problem with them sometimes. If it is possible, let you use the wired Xbox controllers. I know that that last one will be a stretch, but it is not necessary.

    I need pretty much help with everything from programming to the art work in it.

    Sorry i cant put more into this project but i can test the compatibility if you guys make it.

    Thx guys i hope that you will help me in my quest.

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    Re: Help with devolping a new distro.

    You want people to do the work and then you'll test it?

    I'd have a good look on the internet for something that takes your fancy and help test that.

    Thread closed.
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