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Thread: Happy Friday the 13th! It's Programmers' Day

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    Happy Friday the 13th! It's Programmers' Day

    If your code monkeys aren't answering their emails today, it may not be the curse of Friday the 13th, but instead because they've taken a day of rest to celebrate Programmers' Day.

    Programmers' Day is celebrated on the 256th day of the year, representing the maximum number of values in a byte – and 256 is also the largest power of two that comes to less than the 365 days found in a regular year. This means the holiday falls on September 13 most of the time and September 12 in leap years.

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    Happy Programmers' Day to all FOSS coders wherever they may be.
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    Re: Happy Friday the 13th! It's Programmers' Day

    I like it! I started programming in 1965. I confess I didn't rest today.....


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