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Thread: Autosnort: Fully automated, Fully updated snort installation for Ubuntu

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    Autosnort: Fully automated, Fully updated snort installation for Ubuntu

    Hello Ubuntu users. I'd like to introduce myself. I'm DA, shorthand for Digital Arcanist. I work in information/network security, and have been a cross-platform Linux user and enthusiast for a number of years. I came here to the security forums to announce a new tool/script I have developed called "Autosnort".

    As the name implies, the script is related to the open-source snort software. For those who do not know what snort is, snort as a powerful rule-driven Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System -- to put it simply, it inspects network traffic, and lets you know if it spots anything unusual on the wire with an extensive set of rules provided by the Sourcefire VRT (the creators and maintainers of snort) among other rule writing sources.

    The autosnort script simply automates and makes an intense and fairly complicated exercise in updating snort to the latest available version into something as effortless as running a shell script and responding to a few prompts.

    Like everything good in the Linux universe, I'm releasing this script for free - entirely open-source and under the MIT license, meaning you can do practically anything you want to with it.

    If you are interested, please check out my github repository (link) where I am currently hosting the script, not only for Ubuntu but for other distros, as well as my blog for updates in functionality and distro support.

    If you have any questions or run into problems, my contact information is provided in the readme as well.

    Happy snorting!

    p.s. : the script specifically states that it is for Ubuntu 12.04, however I have absolutely no reason to believe that you will run into any problems if ran on a build other than 12.04LTS. If for some reason you *do* run into a problem, contact me, give me error messages, and I will give you solutions, if it is within my power.

    note to the moderators: Apologies if this announcement landed in the wrong forum, or if I inadvertently violated the rules. Feel free to move or remove the script as deemed necessary.


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