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Thread: Deleting a Windows7 user profile with Ubuntu

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    Smile Deleting a Windows7 user profile with Ubuntu

    Hi all, I've a Win7 laptop with a corrupt administrator profile: group policy client services failed the logon (password Failed). This is the only administrator profile. A guest profile is working with ok no password. I am running Ubuntu from a DVD to navigate to the Win user files. Can I fix or delete the Win7 Admin profile successfully and will I then be able to set up a new Admin profile from a guest profile?
    Help please, thanks

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    Re: Deleting a Windows7 user profile with Ubuntu

    Forgive me but I'm not sure if we're allowed to discuss "hacking" into a windows user account using Ubuntu, if I'm wrong then cool, there's several tools out there can do this.

    However, I will point out that if you delete the one and only admin account you may not be able to create another.
    Have you tried using the built in Windows repair option at boot to fix this issue?
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    Re: Deleting a Windows7 user profile with Ubuntu

    One common cause of this error message in Win7 is when you are using a "work" laptop, which will try to log you into a domain during startup, and you fail to provide the proper user ID and password for the domain.

    SO, is this a "work" laptop?

    And, what version of Win7 are you running on the laptop?
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    Re: Deleting a Windows7 user profile with Ubuntu

    We'd prefer you ask questions about Windows on the appropriate forum. Try here, to get an answer to your question. Thread closed.

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