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    Dash thingy


    I have recently installed Ubuntu Studio and am very pleased with it. Performance is as expected, XFCE is a no-nonsense, clean desktop....

    What I just found the other day, is some kind of dash thingy at the bottom of my desktop, a bar that pops up on mouse-over and has starters for a few things in it.
    As much as I like that thing (getting to firefox is a LOT easier that way) I can not for the life of me find out that software that exactly is, nor - more importantly - how to change what starters show in that bar.

    ANY help there?

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    Re: Dash thingy

    That "thing" on the bottom is another panel set to auto hide.
    You can edit it by editing panels. Right click on the top panel, and go to panel > preferences. Then choose which panel you want to edit.

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    Re: Dash thingy

    That was exactly the little nudge I needed.
    Thanks mate!


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