So, I've come to find that a few of the songs that I have in my library aren't where Banshee thinks they are supposed to be. I've been able to fix some of these problems by moving individual files where Banshee thinks they are, but ideally what I want to be able to do is tell Banshee what the updated locations of these files is.

In iTunes, when a song is "lost" it will ask you where it is and updates that info inside of its own database, but Banshee does not do this. Instead it just plays something else instead. Is there a way to edit this to point it to the correct locations?

I know that I can do a media scan, but that results in duplicates of the same songs and also causes lost user info (times played, rating, etc.)

For example, if the song Music.mp3 is actually in /media/music/album/artist/ but Banshee thinks it's in /media/music/artist/ I want to be able to tell Banshee to go to /media/music/album/artist/ rather than having to cut and paste the song file to /media/music/artist/

I have a thing for organization and it makes me want to pull my hair out if things aren't where I want them...