So I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 and the main reason for coming back to this distribution was because there is now one click encryption during the installation process.

One of my gripes with Ubuntu has always been the Unity Toolbar/Launcher. Currently I have it hidden with the sensitivity turned all the way down. Even if I bring my mouse to the side of the screen it will not be displayed. Don't know if that's a glitch or it's intentional but I love it because I have Docky installed.

I have two questions. First, why is there a lag when opening a program with the Unity launcher? I'm guessing it's probably the animation but programs open noticeable quicker with docky. I'd love to use unity, however I'd need to take that animation/lag time away. Anyone know how to do that?

My second question is more docky related, but is there a way I can put an "applications" putting for docky? Currently if I need something that is not located on the dock I resort to hitting the Windows key on my keyboard which brings the Dash open. Is there any way I can install that Dash where you search for programs etc on Docky?

Thanks in advance!