First time I've put my camera card in my card reader since I upgraded from Ubuntu 11.04 to Xubuntu 12.04. It ~reads~ just fine, but I cannot delete files from it... it's "read only"... but it's not locked. I've copied the files from the camera card to the HDD, and thought I'd format it and make it readable... Thought I'd open the partition manager in X12.04, only to find that it doesn't exist!

Xubuntu does not ship with a partition Manager? Huh? Which one is better, GParted, or KDE Partition Manager?

While hunting for one I noticed a major discrepancy in the Settings Manager, Main Menu selector and the displayed System menu; the selector shows the following as checked, but they are not displayed in the System menu:
  • Bulk Rename
  • Terminal
  • Thunar File Manager
  • UXTerm
  • XTerm

So, why are they checked but not displayed in the System pop-up menu?

Looking in the Accessories check box, I see "Terminal", "Root Terminal", and "Terminal Emulator"... Again, Huh? Why the 3 choices, and what are the differences?

So, for now, will have to format card with camera, and mess around with it to see if it will let me have full access to it... I still do not like Ubuntu's method of restricting access to parts of the system for a single user on one computer!!

Thanks in advance... DK, who is celebrating Global Aloha Day, 12/12/12...