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Thread: How to Install TeXStudio.

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    How to Install TeXStudio.

    I'm a relatively new user of Ubuntu, and I'm just trying to get all my favourite software packages up and running, just like I had on my old Windows 7 OS.

    At the moment I'm having trouble trying to install TexStudio - my LaTeX editor of choice.

    So, I basically need some idiot proof instructions which I can follow which will lead me to having TexStudio installed and ready to go.

    I'm running 11.10.

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    Re: How to Install TeXStudio.

    As of Ubuntu 12.10 it is in the repository:

    Install it with apt-get or the Software Center.
    Or even using this apt link.

    For earlier Ubuntu versions do the following:
    Go to
    and download the deb package file for your Ubuntu version.

    Then either double click the deb file or install it in a terminal with
    sudo dpkg -i texstudio_2.5_amd64.deb


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