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Thread: Problem Installing True Combat 12.04

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    Problem Installing True Combat 12.04

    So I want to play True Combat. After downloading it and running the file I couldn't get it working. I got an error saying I couldn't run ./ After doing some research I figured it might be due to me not having Wolfenstein: Enemy Territories installed (which True Combat requires). So I downloaded Wolfenstein:ET and got the same error. The error looks like this:
    ./ 1: eval: ./ Permission denied

    I'm thinking that for whatever reason the file ./ doesn't have permission to run because even if I run as I root I get the same error. Problem is I think is in their install packages. This means I don't know how to change the permissions on it if I can't locate it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Problem Installing True Combat 12.04


    I had tried to install True Combat : Close Quarter Battle with using this link


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