I have the need to connect a microphone to one of my PCs and be able to hear the audio from it on another PC in my workshop (nothing sinister - relaying things like the doorbell, phone etc. when I'm not in the house !). Laying new cables is unfortunately not an option.

I found Mumble, which appeared ideal. Mumble itself is fine, but I've spent hours trying to fathom out how to set up Mumble-Server (murmur) on the PC with the microphone connected and failed completely. I've waded through all the docs I can find, Sourceforge etc. etc. but how to get it up and running remains a mystery

Can any-one give me a simple set of instructions as to how to set up Murmur, how to add a server for the microphone and how to add a user so I can connect to it using Mumble on the other PC ??