I've installed latest Ubuntu (12.10) and encrypted using dm-crypt, so every time I boot, I am asked in commandline (after pressing a button weirdly) for the password.

I discovered after a failed installation of nvidia drivers, at boot, a GUI prompt appeared asking for my password under the "ubuntu loading dots" , which I liked a whole lot better than the "hidden" command line prompt before the failed nvidia installation. After removing my failed nvidia installation, and got my Gnome shell up and running again, the system falled back to the "hidden" command line prompt.

How can I add the GUI back? Is this a dm-crypt question, or a question on how to install my nvidia drivers properly?

GPU: NVIDIA Corporation GF108 [Quadro NVS 5400M] (rev a1)
GPU: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09) (currently beeing used with latest xorg intel drivers)

System: Lenovo Thinkpad T530