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Thread: Key Bindings Not Working

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    Key Bindings Not Working

    I've been trying to set up a few custom keybindings to launch my most-used applications. I run Lubuntu, and therefore and trying to do it by editing the OpenBox configuration file. So, I nagivate to /home/user/.config/openbox and then open the rc.xml file with Leafpad. I have tried both of these additions within the "keybind" tag, and neither has worked:

    <keybind key="W-b"><action name="Execute"><command>firefox</command>
       <keybind key="W-w">
          <action name="Execute">
                      <name>Web Browser</name>
    Can anyone clue me in as to what is wrong? Is there another program that may be interfering? I should note that all pre-set keybindings in the rc.xml file do work correctly.
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