Hi All,

I have been using Ubuntu regularly through VMWare and finally decided to install it directly.

My hardware spec is an intel sandybridge (quad core, 3.3ghz) with an ati 7850. (This is my full spec, with an ssd and 7850

Using 12.10 64bit.

The installation went fine, but I am running into some huge problems with the UI making Ubuntu unusable. I have updated all packages but not touched any other settings.

The problems I am getting are when I have more than one window open (EG Firefox and a folder of files) I cannot click on any UI elements (Buttons, menus) and i cannot drag windows around. I can use Tab on the keyboard to highlight buttons and space to press.

I have tried using the ATI driver through 'proprietary hardware' window, but this made things worse.

I tried a fresh install and instead installed the ATI drivers from ATI's website, even worse (garbled display).

Does anyone have any idea what may be causing my issues?