Yeah, it has to be the terminal size. I have a 28' monitor and had it full screen at the time.
Let me see what I can do.

OK that was it. Check this out:

cavsfan@cavsfan-desktop:~$ sudo blkid -c /dev/null -o list
[sudo] password for cavsfan: 
device                         fs_type     label        mount point                        UUID
/dev/sda1                      ntfs        C:           (not mounted)                      1CFC7A8DFC7A60C6
/dev/sda2                      ext4        Lucid        /                                  a162dc8a-e4df-4b79-b4c3-524761ff7ae1
/dev/sda3                      swap                     <swap>                             2a80f59e-e7c3-418e-aab2-ab5d19255a2f
/dev/sda5                      ext4        Precise      (not mounted)                      3b8b1954-24e6-4a5e-9074-70a1a94ed4be
/dev/sda6                      swap                     (not mounted)                      82c51b29-023f-4964-99b6-67b45a49527f
/dev/sda7                      ext4        Quantal      (not mounted)                      b5fc902c-0bf0-45b3-95a1-29f3c46dfe6a
/dev/sda8                      swap                     (not mounted)                      69ac3efc-8a8a-4056-89e0-59bb81c2f468
/dev/sda9                      ext4        Lucid Generic (not mounted)                     109c11d0-71e3-41a4-87da-9e81535499a5
/dev/sda10                     swap                     (not mounted)                      24aa8c8b-53dc-4ecc-852b-ff2c25c8b342
/dev/sda11                     ext4        Precise-Generic (not mounted)                   50104efb-d918-45a9-985e-a70c60e87ac0
/dev/sda12                     swap                     (not mounted)                      139390a6-2fe1-4ff2-b650-88ae3b0586c1
/dev/sda13                     ext4        Quantal-Generic (not mounted)                   580e8c62-78ce-44a2-93e3-ccebd37c3acc
/dev/sda14                     swap                     (not mounted)                      ec3048b8-c644-435a-93bb-08bb4975d0db
/dev/sdb1                      ntfs        Fantom       /media/Fantom                      78B8D1A1B8D15DE6
We'll have to keep the terminal size in mind I guess. It looks good now.