My question is whether I can trust this source:


This appears to provide a solution to a problem
I have, and I would just like some reassurance from
the ubuntu community before downloading it.

I posted the question 4 weeks ago, but I guess I put
it in the wrong place on the Forum, or phrased the
question wrongly. A hundred or so
people looked at it, but no-one answered.
Here is a copy of
my original post:

I hope this is the right place to ask this.
I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for the past week or so.
I installed Octave using
sudo apt-get install octave
and it seems fine. It's version 3.2.4
I also installed the GUI QtOctave, using the
software GUI at the top left, and it works, too,
(although I just saw a post on another board that
says its developer has dropped it and it's dead).

The problem is that I want to use a package of functions
from Octave-Forge, called Statistics. When I
download this, and try to install it by running Octave
and giving the command line
pkg install statistics-1.1.3.tar.gz
it complains that I haven't installed io
When I download io from Octave-Forge and try
to install it the same way, it complains that I need
a more recent version of Octave, at least 3.4.

This brings us to the nub. I seem to need either
1) a (simple, safe) way to install Octave 3.4.1 or better
(current version seems to be around 3.6.x)
2) a version of the statistics package (or maybe even the io
package) that will
work with Octave 3.2.4

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

The following looks like a solution:
But can I trust this PPA thing?
(Obviously, I'm grateful to any person who does this kind of work,
and I'm not imputing anything to embeddedprogrammer,
but I don't want my box to become a host for various horrors, so some
reassurance from the community would be nice.)