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Thread: 12.10 and WINE: Crackling and Popping in Sound

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    12.10 and WINE: Crackling and Popping in Sound

    Hi, Everyone...

    I looked around quite a bit before posting this issue in Wine regarding static, popping, and crackling in Windows games sound, which, prior to my very recent installation of 12.10 (upgraded from 12.04), ran beautifully all the way around.

    The WINE (v. 1.4.1) configuration window no longer allows a switch to another sound option (alsa); also, winetricks (at least when I select sound=alsa option) doesn't even seem to make a change to alsa (so I don't know whether that works).

    I am running a core duo w/ 4 GB RAM.

    Thanks so much to anyone reading and replying... C.
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    Re: 12.10 and WINE: Crackling and Popping in Sound

    Have you tried the latest 1.5.x wine from the ubuntu wine PPA? It has winepulse patches that hopefully fix audio problems.
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    Re: 12.10 and WINE: Crackling and Popping in Sound


    Thanks so much for your reply--I just found your post now (two weeks late; I rely on e-mail notification for a reply and don't recall anything).

    I did install 1.5x and it DID fix the sound issue; HOWEVER, it defaulted nearly all my games to a fixed 480 x 640 resolution, which revealed only part of the complete screen image.

    Oddly, a couple of games worked flawlessly, but, at least, 80% were plagued w/ the resolution problem.

    Do you--or does anyone else good enough to read this post--have any idea how to solve the graphics problem in 1.5x? (I reinstalled 1.4.1 and the crackling sound issue is back in spades.)

    Thanks, again... Casp


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