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Thread: AR5B97 Wireless Slow and Unstable

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    Question AR5B97 Wireless Slow and Unstable

    I have a dual boot configuration Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 says my internet is at 11.9Mbps from Windows 7
    But rates internet from Ubuntu 112.04 at 1.1Mbps That is more than 10 times slower. Moreover I have frequent disconnections when in Ubuntu.

    Is there any way I can update the driver on Ubuntu to the latest version, it is at the moment running a stock driver (besides me doing the wlan0 power off thingy which does not alleviate the situation) - the internet kind of connected on its own even during the installation when I was running ubuntu on a USB installer stick.

    Any help guys?

    I use an Acer Travelmate 8481G.

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    Re: AR5B97 Wireless Slow anddd Unstable

    any help guys?


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