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Thread: "select desktop environment" out of display

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    Question "select desktop environment" out of display


    On login screen when click on "select desktop environment"
    it is going to roll down and some items are out of display.
    I do not know how to get on item (keyboard does not work, only mouse) (like xubuntu, and those on the alphabetic end) and choose that desktop environment.

    Is there any workarround how to click on it
    Or how to dispay it in the middle of the display as it was in 12.04 ?

    thank you,
    kind regards,

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    Re: "select desktop environment" out of display

    Do you have a camera so you can take a pic and post it here?

    Most recently I'm testing Lubuntu and the selection frame in the login window is very centered.

    Maybe if you're adding Xubuntu to Ubuntu it's different. I haven't looked at the lightdm unity greeter in a long time

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