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Thread: Boot issue with Jmicron device

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    Question Boot issue with Jmicron device

    I have a AMS Venus T5J DS-2350J external eSATA hard drive enclosure which uses a JMicron 393 port multiplier. I had Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit on the system from a clean install and I never had an issue with the unit. I did a clean install of Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit and now I have problems when I boot my system.

    Whenever I boot the system, it does a search for any attached drives. With 11.10 it would find one drive and then load the system and any associated drivers. I never had a problem with it just searching and searching like it does now. This slows down booting time tremendously. While it is doing this the drives in the box are making a clicking noise. Currently it no longer finds that one drive till the OS is loaded. Again once booted, it works just fine and the clicking stops.

    I checked with the unit manufacturer AMS and they said that it's probably not the unit and that JMicron has not released any new drivers. They said that this was a Ubuntu issue.

    Can you give me any guidance as to what is happening? Why did it work flawlessly under 11.10 and now not under 12.04?

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    Talking Re: Boot issue with Jmicron device

    On consultation with AMS, this turned out to be a bad power supply, which when replaced, fixed the issue.

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