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Thread: Webapps not working

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    Webapps not working

    I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 yesterday and wanted to play around with the webapps. The default ones (amazon and ubuntu one music) work but I can't install new ones. I read that a pop-up should appear in chromium and in firefox when visiting a page which has a webapp version but I've never seen a pop up, e.g. when visiting google plus. I also tried installing the google plus app from the software center. However, after installation it is as if it never installed. When I search in the dash no app appears and when I enter unity-webapps-googleplus the terminal responds with command not found.

    Am I doing something wrong or is something broken?

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    Re: Webapps not working

    I have the same question. I use Livemail for my Hotmail account, and I did get the popup in one of two QQ installs; in the second one, no popup, and the webapp doesn't seem to be activated. As there are no "man" files associated with the packages, and the webapps don't appear in the Programs lens it is hard to know what one is supposed to do to get them working.

    Any pointers to instructions, or clues about where to look?
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